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     Steven Kessner accuses the Village Voice of yellow journalism.   The articles about the ten worst landlords in NYC were written by college students .  Steven Kessnerís reporter was the daughter of a community activist.   Out of 60 buildings, she cited one apartment in one building as evidence that his organization discriminated against immigrants.  She neglected to say that there were 15 people living in the apartment, illegally.  The building ultimately sold for 14 times the rent roll; not bad for a so called slum.  How fair is it for someone with an axe to grind to write an article for a newspaper and have it splashed all over the internet?  Steven Kessner takes pride in his record of turning distressed buildings into quality housing.  When any tenant destroys their apartment through overcrowding, it is a direct assault upon every other occupant of the building and on the landlord.  When the system is abused this way, every tenant in New York suffers through increased rents.  Steven Kessner was victimized by the newspaper in this case.  The Village Voice cannot offer one shred of real evidence to support its article.  The fact is that, since 1981, Steven Kessner has been rehabilitating distressed tenement buildings and providing quality, affordable housing.  East Harlem and its population owes a debt of gratitude to Steven Kessner for turning the neighborhood into a nice place to live.  Since the sale of his buildings, Steven Kessner has now purchased over 100 acres in Sullivan County, to use as a summer camp site for under privilaged children.   He also spends a majority of his time in philanthropic pursuits.  The full Steven Kessner story has yet to be written and will, undoubtedly, focus on his contributions to one of New York Cityís poorer districts.